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Thermo-Prop database contains intrinsic results of research works carried out on the development of sound, accurate, experimentally and physically based models for materials properties. Wide ranging data are available such as aluminium, copper and ferrous alloys which also include more detailed information concerning fraction solid, density and thermal conductivity change in the mushy zone that intrinsically occur during solidification. For example, the thermophysical and physical properties of the liquid and solid phases are critical components in casting simulations. Such properties include the fraction solid transformed, enthalpy release, thermal conductivity and density, all as a function of temperature. The database is well established as the leading source of information on materials properties; thus it provides a strong platform for thermophysical and physicochemical properties needed in process modelling. Thermo-Prop software incorporates high quality databases, which have been measured and compiled by Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and National Academy of Sciences. Features of Thermo-Prop software for Windows include: * The most reliable thermophysical and physicochemical property calculations available. * Automatic calculation of thermophysical and physicochemical properties; thus access to a wide range of critically assessed thermophysical and physicochemical data. * The database covers thermophysical properties (Gibbs energy, enthalpy, entropy, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and density) for all the metallic elements in the periodic tables; and alloys, namely aluminium, copper and ferrous alloys. * Likewise, physicochemical properties (viscosity and surface tension) for all the metallic elements and their corresponding binary alloys are also covered. * Heat transfer module is also available to determine parameters of heat transfer coefficient.

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